My Next Book

While preparing to launch True Mercy, I started a second novel. The characters are fictional but I wanted to go back to my college days in Boston. I graduated from Boston College and created characters who are high school seniors applying to that school. Part of the story takes place in Brighton, Massachusetts, which is minutes from BC and where I used to visit friends. The other setting for the story is a place I’ve always wanted to visit: Los Angeles, California. To me it is a magical place where Hollywood legends, often from humble beginnings, have built their careers. I’ve always had an interest in these larger-than-life Hollywood stars: their astounding fame, immense wealth, and out-of-proportion influence where, like real stars, could shine brightly one day and vanish the next. They are a demonstration of the fragility of our lives, plans and dreams. In the two settings of Boston and Los Angeles I wanted to write a life-affirming story about love and responsibility overriding personal ambitions. More details to follow.