Who says all politician are only out for themselves?

Of late I’ve become cynical and have started to believe all politicians are morally bankrupt and just get in office to enrich themselves.

Until I read about Representative Cory Mills of Florida.

Over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, this politician and army veteran helped rescue 13 Americans from Haiti.

He had was a member of the 82 Airborne Division when he had served in the U. S. Army.

As reported in the news, armed gangs have taken over Haiti, leading to the resignation of the island’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry.  They have forced the country’s international airport to close, over 4,000 criminals have been let out of jail, and many businesses and schools are now closed. The gangs are entering neighborhoods and killing people while leaving thousands homeless. The gangs are breaking into hospitals and looting their medical supplies. Many hospitals are actually boarded up because doctors are afraid to go to work. UNICEF reported  armed groups are looting containers filled with medical supplies at the seaport.

To date they have 80% control over Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. The officers making up Haiti’s National Police cannot maintain order. Haitians are saying they have never seen violence on such a large scale.

While the U. S. government deliberates on how they are going to respond to the Caribbean island’s violence, Rep. Cory Mills took action. He paid for the rescue operation and took part in the flight.

That was his second rescue mission to Haiti.

Earlier this month, author Mitch Albom, who was visiting his orphanage, Have Faith Haiti, was trapped with his wife Janine and eight other volunteers. He contacted Michigan Representative Lisa C. McClain, another politician who is actually dedicated to public service. trapped in the island country. Rep. McClain contacted Rep. Mills and he organized his first Haitian rescue.

And these are not the only rescue missions he took part in.

Back in 2021, while he was initially running for Congress, he helped to evacuate 4 Americans from Afghanistan when the United States withdrew their troops. Mills also helped evacuate over 100 Americans from Israel when Hamas attacked  the country on October 7.

For people like myself who are disillusioned with the governing bodies in Washington, I am deeply heartened there are still politicians who are actually working hard to serve the people they represent.